British Future – Crossing Divides

Posted by Gregor Jackson on the 12th April, 2019

Independent think-tank British Future commissioned ICM Unlimited to carry out nationally representative research looking at the 14-18 NOW arts programme and attitudes to the arts and history more broadly. The findings of the research are drawn upon in British Future’s Crossing Divides: How arts and heritage can help bring us together‘ report, and in the accompanying press release on the British Future website.

Sunder Katwala, British Future Director and co-author of the report, wrote a related article (‘Investment in the arts could help bridge Britain’s divides‘) in The Times.

ICM interviewed a sample of 2,009 GB adults aged 18+ online using its omnibus service between the 15 and 18 February 2019. ICM also interviewed 251 GB 16-17-year-olds between 15 and 20 February 2019. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 16+). A boost sample of 507 ethnic minority respondents was also achieved between 15 and 18 February 2019.

Please click the button below to download the report, we do have an archive of previous polls here.
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