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Posted by Gregor Jackson on the 10th October, 2016

The Royals: Performance ratingsĀ 

It’s been a while since ICM touched on the subject of Royalty – something that usually crops up only when things have not gone too well for one or more members of the Royal Firm, or (less frequently) one member or event has revitalised their general standing.

In both cases, there’s an element of unfairness about such performance measurement. Asking whether a job is being done well or badly after royal faux pas or a successful national celebration likely skews results one way or the other. For this reason, we thought this week we’d use ICMLitmus to test approval ratings when (other than a trip to Canada by William, Kate and the kids) not much is going on.

Much has been made over the last twenty years or so of the Crown skipping a generation, directly from the ever popular Queen Elizabeth (at +65 approval of the job she’s doing – the head of the family in more ways than one), to William, who does match his Grandmother in public affection (+65). His brother Harry has also carved out a niche that sits well with public (+61).

While these scores do out-perform next-in-line Prince Charles, at +32 (with 47% saying he’s doing a good job as opposed to only 15% saying bad job) it’s hardly a shabby effort that is deserving of a royal by-pass. And he does have his fans, with ‘good job’ rising beyond 50% among women, the more elderly and people living in the South West and Wales (where, of course, he’s the Prince of). Only the youngest generation (18-24: 36%) could be said to harbour doubts about him, but not in a single case does does a greater proportion say ‘bad job’ rather than ‘good job’.

Only Prince Andrew might have real cause to grumble. While 21% say he’s doing a good job, more (31%) say the opposite, netting him a minus approval rating (-10). If it’s any consolation, ICM’s tracking of politician’s ‘approval’ ratings in the last political cycle had Ed Miliband on -42 at one point, so it could be worse.

ICM Unlimited interviewed a representative online sample of 2,0014 adults aged 18+ on 28-29th Sept 2016.

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