Litmus is no ordinary omnibus. It’s designed to help you understand people and their choices, and bring them alive.

Read more about how we can do this for you. Better still, let us explain how it works.


Comms testing

Advertising evaluation

Market sizing

Brand tracking

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Find your audience

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Twice a week we speak to 2,000 British people. However, if you need to understand what a specific audience is thinking, we can find them, quickly. A few examples are:

  • Parents
  • Product ownership
  • Regionality
  • Home owners / renters
  • Millennials, Generation Y or Baby Boomers

“ICM’s Litmus allowed us to target specific audiences in London which was key for our events research. The findings gave us actionable insight which have helped senior stakeholders make informed decisions, knowing that we were able to survey potential event attendees based on their age and location. The ICM Omnibus service provides the ability to survey bespoke audiences within a quick turnaround time, all members of the team were very impressed.”

Natalie Compas – Universal Music

Understand your audience

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People struggle to articulate how they really feel about issues or brands.

Their instinctive or emotive response is more telling.

Thanks to Reaction Time Testing (RTT), you can understand how strongly they feel about you, your issue or your brand. Participants are tested online and we capture both how much they agree / disagree with a statement (System 2), and their speed of response (System 1).

RTT in Action


To understand whether a “booking fee” drove customers away


People may say they don’t like a booking fee, but it won’t stop customers booking


At a rational level, the fee was a key concern. But sub-consciously it was of marginal importance


The booking fee remained, and improving the speed and ease of transaction for the customer was focused on instead

See your audience

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Capture instant, rich feedback from the public on breaking news and relevant events.

Voxpops can can be used to understand:

  • Customer experience
  • Brand perception
  • Campaign feedback
  • Product development questions

Voxpops can be recorded via a smartphone app or PC and can be embedded within any online survey. It also includes in-built analysis tools such as transcripts and sentiment analysis.

“We commissioned some customer videos with ICM as we wanted customer insight for a workshop about Pet Insurance. We talked through some reports, but found the most engaging element to the presentation was using the customer videos to introduce the audience to the customer and their pet. It broke the ice immediately and the audience found it engaging and insightful to see a real live relationship between a pet and their owner in action.”

Mark Trett – Aviva Research Team

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