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Henry Jackson Society (HJS) wanted to understand perceptions and support of BLM as a racial equality movement and views of BLM’s impact on race relations, along with wider perceptions of public institutions.

HJS have published the report ‘BLM: A Voice for Black Britons?’ using the research, which highlights the contrasting views of the general public and Black Britons on the state of race relations and reveals low levels of support among Black British people for some of the core elements of the BLM movement. Key findings include:

  • Among the general public, 24 per cent of people think UK race relations are in bad
    shape. This figure rises to 40 per cent for Black British people.
  • 29 per cent of the general population believe that political activists have a
    disproportionately high level of influence in schools and the police. In both cases, this
    rises to 50 per cent for Black Britons.
  • The vast majority of Black British people reject multiple forms of direct action – with
    only 16 per cent viewing the tearing down of statues as an acceptable form of political

The research findings have gained coverage in The Times and The Spectator.

Data tables for the nationally representative sample: BLM Public Attitudes – Main Break 1 – Weighted

Data tables for the boost sample of Black Britons: BLM Public Attitudes – Boost Break 1 – Weighted

If you are interested in the findings from the research, or would like to talk with our experts about other research in this space, please get in touch at enquiries@icmunlimited.com.

ICM undertook an online survey with a nationally representative sample of 1,000 UK adults aged 18+ plus a booster with 558 Black British people.


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