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The findings of this research are covered in a press release on the Fair Tax Mark website.

The importance of the Fair Tax Mark among the British public has increased since the first wave of research in 2018:

  • Now, over three in four (77%) agree that they would rather shop with businesses which can prove it’s paying its fair share of tax compared to 69% in 2018.


  • Eight in ten (78%) say they would rather work for a business which can prove it’s paying its share of tax compared to seven in ten (70%) in 2018.


  • Where half of respondents (51%) said they would switch businesses in favour of those which have a Fair Tax Mark in 2018, this year three in five (61%) say that they would do so.


ICM interviewed a sample of 2,033 UK adults aged 18+ online using its omnibus service between 22 and 24 May 2019. The results have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults aged 18+.

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