Our work.

ICM undertook an integrated quantitative and qualitative research study to explore the socio-economic impact of this change on those with MS, their families and the public finances.

The integrated quant-qual research consisted of:

  • Literature review of all available data
  • An online survey with MS patients
  • 10 in-home depth interviews with stakeholders
  • 18 in-home ethnographic/observational interviews with people with severe MS to observe and monitor the impact of MS on their daily lives.

A participatory forum played a crucial role in this project. Its purpose was to ensure that people with lived experience, both of MS and of the PIP transition process, had an opportunity to contribute in and shape the research. Following an open call for volunteers on the MS Forum, five people from across the UK were selected. Participants were then engaged during project milestones, providing suggestions and constructive criticism on the methodology, research materials and findings.

We’re delighted that our work on this project has seen us win the MRS Award for Public Policy & Social Research and Grand Prix

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