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ICM were proud to support this work by conducting 60 in-depth online interviews in the summer of 2020 to uncover the cultural models that the public use when thinking about these topics. This research has gone on to support further work by Runnymede Trust to understand the commonalities and differences between how campaigners and the public think about racism and what should be done about it. Further information about the programme and next steps can be found here.

Findings from the research included:

  • Racial inequality can often be enveloped within a broader conversation of inequality; it is just one of the many inequalities that exist within society today
  • Responsibility for addressing racism lies at the feet of everyone
  • Racism is something that is learned; no one is born a racist
  • Whilst the public generally feel there has been much progress on racism, there is a remarkable sense of fatalism that it will never disappear

If you are interested in the findings from the research, or would like to talk with our experts about other research in this space, please get in touch at enquiries@icmunlimited.com.

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