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Pressure group Make Votes Matter commissioned ICM Unlimited to poll how likely voters are to vote tactically in the upcoming general election.

Make Votes Matter published a press release referring to the results, which can be read here.

Excluding those who are not eligible to vote and those who are certain not to vote, over a third of people say that they are likely to vote tactically in the upcoming general election on December 12 (35%). Over half say that they are not likely to do so (53%), while one in eight don’t know (12%).

The question was worded as follows.

The UK currently uses a voting system called ‘First Past the Post’ for general elections. ‘First Past the Post’ refers to a voting system in which each area is represented by the candidate / party that receives more votes than any other candidate / party. As only one candidate / party can win in each area, voters sometimes decide to vote “tactically”.

“Tactical voting” is when you vote for a candidate / party who is not your first choice because they have a better chance of stopping another candidate / party winning.

How likely, if at all, are you to vote tactically in the upcoming general election on December 12?

Scale: Not at all likely / Not very likely / Fairly likely / Very likely / Don’t know

The data tables can be found here: ICM – Make Votes Matter – Tactical Voting Poll – Tables – 13 Nov 19

ICM Unlimited interviewed a representative sample of 2,002 GB adults (18+) online between 06 and 07 November 2019. The data has been weighted to the profile of all adults aged 18+ in Great Britain and is weighted by age, gender, social grade, household tenure, work status, and region. The data is also weighted by 2017 general election vote and 2016 EU referendum vote.

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