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Migration Yorkshire, a local authority-led migration partnership, commissioned ICM Unlimited to carry out a representative poll among 2,000 Yorkshire and Humber residents to understand local attitudes towards migration and its impacts. This is a sample size and robustness rarely seen among a regional audience in publicly available polling and marks the first time a poll has been specifically commissioned to explore the views of people in Yorkshire and Humber on migration and integration.

The full results were written up by Migration Yorkshire and can be found here. Migration Yorkshire also produced a think piece, which pulled out the top four messages from the research: What do Yorkshire folk think about migration?

Media coverage

The findings of the research were covered by the Yorkshire Post:

Yorkshire people “feel more positive than negative about migration into UK”‘, Yorkshire Post

The results were also covered by the Yorkshire Post‘s sister publication, the Yorkshire Evening Post.


  • Around half of adults in Yorkshire and Humber think that migration has had a positive impact on Britain (49% giving a score of 6-10 out of 10), with three in ten thinking that it has had a negative impact (30% scoring 0-4) and two in ten giving a “neutral” score of 5 (20%). 2% say that they “don’t know”
  • When it comes to the impact of migration on their local community, a smaller proportion of Yorkshire and Humber residents say that it has had a positive impact (34% scoring 6-10). This is mainly due to more people being “neutral” about the local impact of migration (31% scoring 5) and more people saying that they “don’t know” (9%). The proportion of adults who say migration has had a negative impact on their local community stands at just under three in ten (27% scoring 0-4) – similar to the proportion who say that the national impact of migration has been negative
  • There is a fine balance between the proportion of Yorkshire and Humber residents who think that migrants are integrated in their local community and those who think they are not. Four in ten say that migrants in their local community are well integrated (41%), while a similar proportion say that they are not integrated (38%)
  • When asked how welcoming they think their local community is to new migrants, over half of adults living in Yorkshire and Humber say that their local community is welcoming (54%), with a quarter saying that their community is not welcoming (25%). Half of adults also say that they would feel a personal responsibility to make a migrant feel welcome if they moved onto their street (50%). Four in ten don’t think that they would feel a responsibility to welcome a new migrant (39%)


Tables and methodology

The data tables can be found here: ICM – Migration Yorkshire – Yorkshire Day Immigration Poll – Data Tables

The poll was commissioned by Migration Yorkshire and carried out by ICM Unlimited. ICM interviewed a representative sample of 2,049 adults aged 18+ who live in Yorkshire and Humber via an online survey between 21 and 24 July 2020. The results have been weighted and are representative of all adults aged 18+ living in the region.

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