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O2 Business commissioned ICM Unlimited to carry out a representative survey of 2,ooo UK workers aged 16+ to provide a snapshot of employee attitudes towards working from home, flexible working, and future ways of working. The survey was conducted between 20 and 27 March 2020, just as the UK moved into lockdown.

O2 Business’s press release covering the findings, as well as information on how to receive the full report The Flexible Future of Work, can be found here.

The findings of the research were referenced widely in the British media, including by the TelegraphDaily Mail, Mirror, and Wales Online.

Some of the key findings include:

  • 45% think that the increase in the numbers of people working from home at their company will have a long-term impact on their company’s approach to flexible working.
  • Currently, just over six in ten workers – excluding those who are usually home-based workers – live within 30 minutes of their main workplace (63%). If innovations in technology mean working from home is easier and more common in the future, fewer than four in ten non-home-based workers say that they would still only be willing to live up to 30 minutes away from their main workplace (36%), suggesting that a greater proportion of people would be prepared to live further away from their main workplace.
  • Among those who are currently working flexibly (e.g. working from home), three in ten say that it can be lonely (30%), while around a quarter say that they miss socialising informally with colleagues (26%).

The survey was commissioned by O2 Business and carried out by ICM Unlimited. ICM interviewed a representative sample of 2,019 working adults (16+), covering all UK nations and regions, between 20 and 27 March 2020.

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