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The surveys covered a range of topics including perceived cohesivity of communities, attitudes towards Brexit and impacts of COVID 19. A total of 10,485 people took part in five nationally representative surveys in March 2020, May/June 2020, November 2020, December 2020 and January 2021. The results of these surveys were analysed alongside further research conducted by British Future’s partners and all results fed into a consolidated report which can be read here:


Some key findings from our surveys included in the report include:

    • Half the population (50%) still believe that the response to the pandemic shows that we are more united than divided, while only a quarter (27%) disagree. However, more than two in five (45%) state that ‘divisions between rich and poor’ are among their top three main concerns for society moving forward (16-18 December 2020. Survey of 2,373 UK adults).

    • Almost half of respondents (48%) would agree that their local area is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together. However, there is still an evident desire for a more close-knit society as 73% of people would like our society to be closer and more connected in the future (16-18 December 2020. Survey of 2,373 UK adults).

    • Two thirds (66%) of respondents would take part in a ‘Neighbours Day’ if such a day existed with the purpose of bringing communities together and celebrating what we have in common (16-18 December 2020. Survey of 2,373 UK adults).

    • Half of respondents reported that they coped well mentally with the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown (51%). However, just under one in ten (8%) of people felt they had not coped mentally with COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions, with this rising to 13% of 18-24 year olds (16-18 December 2020. Survey of 2,373 UK adults).

    • When considering whose response to the COVID-19 pandemic that had impressed, people were most impressed with how the NHS had handled the pandemic, with eight in ten people (80%) saying they were impressed with the nation’s health service. In contrast, just 24% of people said they were impressed by the response of the UK Government and 17% were impressed by MPs. (13-16 November 2020. Survey of 2,013 GB adults)

    • Many people also view politicians as untrustworthy because they think they are motivated by self-interest (64%) and only 19% say that politicians understand the needs of ordinary people. However, there is a prominent desire for greater collaboration among political parties as 83% of people say that they want politicians from different parties to work together to solve this country’s problems (16-18 December 2020. Survey of 2,373 UK adults).

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