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ICM’s online survey focused on the attitudes of five key groups – the general public, British Muslims, students, schoolteachers, and healthcare professionals – who have heard of Prevent. The research indicates that a greater knowledge of Prevent is likely to lead to increased levels of support for the programme.

• A third of the public who are aware of the programme (34%) report having a ‘fairly’ or ‘very good’ knowledge of Prevent.

• Around three in five (58%) members of the public say that their overall impression or opinion of Prevent is favourable.

• Prevent is most frequently associated with safeguarding and prevention. The public believe that Prevent is a ‘safeguarding process against radicalisation’ (47%) and that it ‘stops people becoming radicalised’ (41%).

• A third of the public (35%) state that better knowledge of the signs of radicalisation would encourage them to make a Prevent referral if they were worried about someone being drawn into terrorism.

• Around one in five teachers (23%) feel that Prevent has negatively affected freedom of speech in the classroom. Among students, one in ten (12%) agree that it has negatively impacted their ability to talk freely in class/lectures. Conversely the majority of students (57%) and teachers (53%) disagreed on these points.

• Four in ten teachers say they understand the Prevent Duty well (43%) but understanding is lower among healthcare professionals (24%). However, it is important to note that not all healthcare participants are covered by the Duty since Prevent is only a statutory duty for NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts.

• The majority of each of the five demographics thought that Prevent tackles Islamist terrorism. However, fewer believed that the programme addresses Far Right terrorism.

The final report can be found here.

ICM interviewed 1,464 members of the public, 500 students and 752 professionals in England and Wales using an online quantitative methodology. All fieldwork took place between 11th and 25th July 2019.

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