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Working alongside the Chartered Management Institute, ICM carried out in-depth research to explore workplace disruption during the Covid-19 pandemic. What started out as a project to explore ‘the future of work’, due to the influences of automation and remote working, quickly developed into an opportunity to explore the impact of the pandemic on working life, including how managers can best adapt to this.

Following a series of focus groups and depth interviews earlier in the year, ICM carried out a representative survey among over 2,200 UK employees – including senior leaders, managers and non-managers – followed by depth interviews in August and September 2020. The research focussed on both those who were working remotely, in a hybrid way and in a workplace.

Some notable findings include:

  • 72% rank ‘ensuring staff wellbeing’ as a top priority for their managers in 2021.
  • Traits around effective communication are most highly valued in managers.
  • Communication and flexible working help to sustain culture, but elements that build a shared sense of belonging, social ties and company values help to build culture – those who thought that their workplace culture had got better were more likely to say that their organisations had fostered a stronger sense of belonging, created dedicated time/space for employees to connect, created initiatives that people could work towards together, re-iterated/talked about company values or organised social events with their colleagues/team.


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