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Britain’s exit from the EU has meant rules are changing for travellers from Europe coming to Britain, such as the requirement of passports instead of national identity (ID) cards. VisitBritain commissioned ICM Unlimited to undertake an online survey in ten European countries to understand level of passport ownership, the understanding of the changes of entry requirements to come to Britain, the perceptions of Britain and barriers faced to entering Britain.  

Highlights from the research:  

  • Over a third (36%) of all Europeans think that a national ID card can still be used to enter Britain  
  • A quarter (24%) of European international travellers say they are not confident they know the conditions for travel to enter Britain  
  • 75% of European international travellers say they are interested in visiting Britain, with this number rising to 90% for Italy and 84% for Poland 
  • 69% of European international travellers believe Britain is open minded in tolerant, with this number dropping to 56% for Belgium and 59% for The Netherlands  
  • 51% of European international travellers stated that the was in Ukraine effected their willingness to travel abroad. 

The full report can be found here: https://www.visitbritain.org/sites/default/files/vb-corporate/Documents-Library/documents/icm_vb_post-eu-exitresearch_finalreport_may_2022.pdf

ICM undertook a nationally representative online survey of 500 participants per market – Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway – with a total sample of 5000. Online fieldwork took place between the 14th – 24th March 2022. 

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