• BBC Wales – St David’s Day Poll 2018

    ICM Unlimited were commissioned by BBC Wales to carry out the annual St David’s Day poll.

    The table below shows the trend data on attitudes towards devolved powers for Wales:

    Feb-18 Mar-17 Mar-16 Mar-15 Sep-14 Mar-14 2013 2012 2011 2010
    Independence 7% 6% 6% 6% 3% 5% 9% 7% 11% 11%
    Assembly plus more powers 44% 44% 43% 40% 49% 37% 36% 36% 35% 40%
    Assembly remain as present 28% 29% 30% 33% 26% 28% 28% 29% 18% 13%
    Assembly with fewer powers 4% 3% 3% 4% 2% 3% 2% 2% 17% 18%
    Abolish Assembly 12% 13% 13% 13% 12% 23% 20% 22% 15% 13%
    DK 4% 3% 4%  – 3% 5% 4% 4% 4% 4%


    ICM Unlimited interviewed a representative sample of 1,001 adults aged 18+ by telephone, between 8th – 25h February 2018. Interviews were conducted across Wales and the results have been weighted to the profile of all adults. ICM is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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  • BBC Wales Poll, February 2015

    In the latest BBC Wales poll, the proportion of people seeking more powers for the Welsh Assembly has dropped by 9-points, down to 40%. This still confirms the overall picture that around half of Welsh people want more from the Assembly, with the other half content with it as it is (33%) or powers retreating either partially (4%) or more fundamentally toward abolition (13%).

    In general though, there does appear to be some affection for the Assembly, with more Welsh people having respect, trust and confidence in it to improve things than any level of government. This may explain why 44% want more AMs in it, with or without a compensating reduction in Welsh MPs or local councillors.

    Party leaders were also the focus of this poll, with David Cameron’s personal rating (34%) on being the best potential Prime Minister for Britain out-scoring that of Ed Miliband (23%) in one of the latter’s heartland communities. Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage hardly made the charts.

    Other questions focussed on the performance of Welsh local councils, whether the Welsh Government should pay for university students studying in England (61% think it should), whether the UK should remain in the EU (63% think it should), and what should happen to Severn Bridge tolls (50% think they should be set to cover costs and maintenance only).

    ICM interviewed a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults aged 18+ living in Wales. Interviews were conducted by telephone between 19th and 26th February 2015.

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