What we do.

We do social research.

Whether your audience is the public, service users or stakeholders, ICM can help you understand the key societal issues and public service challenges of the day. Our team are experts in public opinion, behavioural change, communication, consultation and participation, policy and strategy, reputation, and user experience.

Driving behavioural change

We think about people’s behaviours constantly; it’s engrained in the way we approach all our work. Sometimes we just focus on this; helping clients to understand audience journeys and how to affect positive change.

Communications insights

From concept tests through to campaign evaluations, we work with our clients to amplify the impact of their communications – whether in terms of strategy, channels, content, messaging or frequency.

Delivering high profile consultations

We are hugely experienced in conducting credible public consultations – often receiving in excess of 50,000 responses. We can support with your consultation from design through to evaluation

Policy development and evaluation

Working with policymakers across government has given us an in-depth understanding of policy impact and how to evaluate it. We help at all stages of the policy cycle – from agenda setting and formulation to implementation and evaluation.

Understanding public opinion

We’ve delivered the public’s view on pretty much every subject you can think of: immigration, health, voting intention, infidelity and the existence of aliens. Our clients include political editors, think tanks, government agencies, PR and comms professionals and campaigning groups.

Exploring reputation and stakeholder views

We have developed a wealth of expertise understanding stakeholders and members’ views and priorities. Reputation tracking, membership surveys and qualitative stakeholder research are just some of the approaches we offer in this area.

Improving the user experience

We bring a blended approach to understanding how the most important people engage with your organisation – whether they are users, customers, students, donors or supporters. We draw upon the vast experience of Walnut Unlimited working with commercial clients, but supplement this with our in-depth understanding of working with organisations that are not primarily driven by profit – and the unique considerations & challenges this brings.

Capturing the international perspective

We are experts at carrying out research across the world. Whether a qualitative study in a range of countries or a multi-national quantitative project, our team have the expertise to deliver international research to the highest quality.

Inclusive and participatory research

We carry out research that gives a voice to those who are otherwise less likely to be heard. Whether it’s in terms of ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, income or any other factor, we specialise in reaching and amplifying the voice of those who others cannot.

Strategy development

We partner with organisations to help inform and develop long-term strategies, using our expertise in social research and human understanding. We create clarity around your business priorities and combine this with our wider understanding and knowledge, to help you reach your organisational goals.

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